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Paulding County Opportunity Center


Welcome to the Paulding County Opportunity School webpage! The Paulding County Opportunity School encompasses students from Antwerp Local Schools, Paulding Exempted Village Schools and Wayne Trace Local Schools in grades 6-12.  Our school offers tailored educational experiences for both special education and regular education students who desire an alternative school setting in order to meet their educational needs and graduation requirements. We work in tandem with our member schools to provide our students with customized educational opportunities, while still maintaining partnerships with the students’ member school district.  While students complete their academic preparation at the Paulding County Opportunity School, they are welcome to participate in athletic and extra-curricular activities at their home school.

Our goal is to in create life-long learners who are productive, responsible and well-rounded members of society while providing a safe, educationally friendly environment.  Paulding County Opportunity School provides a comfortable, stimulating, and accepting learning experience that embraces all learners in ways that promote equity, communication, decision-making, and understanding.  Feel free to contact Noah Altenburger at 419-567-6554 or if you have any questions or need additional information regarding the Paulding County Opportunity School.


Yours in Education,

Noah Altenburger, Director


Click HERE for the 2023/2024 school calendar

Click HERE for the 2021/2022 start plan.