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Business Advisory Council

Purpose of a Business Advisory Council:

Business advisory councils foster cooperation among schools, businesses and the communities they serve. This
work ensures that the work of educators aligns with the needs of businesses. This cooperation can make a local
education system more aware of the local labor market; promote work-based experiences within businesses; and
help students prepare for successful learning and employment opportunities.

Business advisory councils include regional business leaders who are familiar with business and industry needs.
Members partner with district leaders to plan and carry out the council’s work.


Roles of a Business Advisory Council:

1. To advise local school districts on changes in the economy and job market and the area in which future jobs
are most likely to be available;
2. To advocate for the employment skills most critical to business and industry and the development of
curriculum to teach these skills;
3. To aid and support local school districts by offering suggestions for developing a working relationship among
businesses, labor organizations and educators.


BAC Compliance Plan

BAC Joint Statement