Curriculum Services


Paulding Office
202 N. Cherry St.
Paulding, OH45879
PH: 419-399-4711
Van Wert Office
813A North Franklin Street
Van Wert, OH 45891
PH: 419-238-4746
The Western Buckeye Educational Service Center provides a variety of curriculum coordinating and consulting services for the Antwerp, Crestview, Lincolnview and Wayne Trace Local School Districts through the Curriculum Directors at the Paulding and Van Wert sites. 
Among these are:
  • Assist with the implementation of the Ohio Academic Content Standards
  • Direct teacher committees on curriculum projects
  • Assist schools with textbook studies
  • Assist with curriculum alignment and mapping
  • Assist with data analysis of student performance on state assessments

·        Coordinate the PEERS Program in a study table or action research team format
·        Schedule/plan professional growth and staff development opportunities in cooperation with teachers, principals and superintendents
·        Initiate and facilitate teacher attendance
      at state level conferences
·        Coordinate the 21st Century Community Learning Centers
·        Serve as a liaison and representative for
      the Region I State Support Team
·        Support LPDC, Master Teacher, and Resident Educator Programs
·        Provide or arrange for professional development workshops on:
Differentiated Instruction
Learning Styles
Multiple Intelligences
Classroom Management
Cooperative Learning
Technology in the Classroom
Curriculum Mapping
Assessment and Evaluation
Ohio Academic Content Standards
Precision Framework
Write or assist district personnel, as requested in writing grants for:
·              Staff Development
·              Drug and Alcohol Prevention
·              Competency-based Ed. Programs
·              Special Education Programs
·              Children’s Defense Fund
·              Technology Acquisition
·              Family & Children First Council
·              Preschool Units
·              Parenting Projects
·              School-To-Work
·              Economic Education
·              Raising the Bar
·              Latchkey Program/21st Century
·              Professional Development Program
·              Others on request from districts
Consultation services on:
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Teaching/Learning Skills
  • Questioning Skills
  • Classroom Management
  • Best Practices
  • Ohio Academic Content Standards
  • Consult Technology
  • Other topics as requested by Teachers
Assist with Resources from Curriculum
and PEERS Libraries
  • Assist districts in completing CCIP for federal grant dollars
  • Interpret state publications, regulations and statistics
  • Attend state and regional meetings on behalf of the districts regarding technology, curriculum, staff development, continuous improvement, testing/assessment, multi-county projects and provide updated information on each topic.
·   Serve on and help organize various community/school councils, such as:
            a. Drug & Alcohol Council
            b. Family & Children First Council
            c. Region I State Support Team
            d. Local Professional Development Committee
            e. Continuous Improvement Planning/Ohio Improvement Planning
            f. Community Needs Assessment and Planning