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Kim Jones  




Working at Western Buckeye ESC has been a great experience, I am enjoying all the new challenges of learning the Treasurer’s responsibilities. Linda Clark is a wonderful co-worker and mentor to keep me moving in the right direction. I have a Masters Degree in Business from Defiance College and just completed my School Treasurer classes in order to obtain my license.


I have two children, a daughter soon to be 13 J and a son that is nine. They are both very active with sports and school functions and attend Defiance elementary and Middle school.  In my spare time I love to run. It has been a pleasure and great opportunity to become a part of the Western Buckeye ESC staff and I am looking forward to many years!

Pictures of Sandi Freeman's Fulbright-Hays trip to Argentina


Here I am in the Andes near the Argentine-Chilean border. The peak on the right is Aconcagua, with an elevation of 6962m (22,841 ft.) the highest in the western hemisphere. Danali (Mt. McKinley), by comparison, is 6194m (20,320 ft.). Primary classroom in Humahuaca  A picturesque (and delicious) lunch alfresco with the traditional Argentine barbecue in Cachi. Today we are having cabrito asado (roast goat).

La Estancia Santa Catalina (1622)

The central Sierras of Cordoba Province offer a number of atmospheric and historic Jesuit estancias, including the Unesco World Heritage sight at Santa Catalina.

Olives and many varieties of grapes thrive in the foothills of the Andes in Mendoza Province.  Is your mama a llama?

Iglesia San Jose de Cachi, National Historical Monument (1796)

 This simple, lovely church has graceful arches and a barrel-vaulted ceiling made of the wood of the Cardon cactus.

Cuesta del Obispo (The Bishop's Road)

Located in the Calchaquies Valley, the Parque Nacional de Los Cardones (Cardon are a species of candelabra-esque cactus), is crossed by the winding Bishop's Road, which was first used in 1622 when the Catholic authority travelled from Salta to Cachi. The modern road is 21 km, built between 1928-1931.


This school is located in the village of Humahuaca in the north western province of Jujuy.


Cerro de Los Siete Colores (Hill of Seven Colors)

Purmamarca, Jujuy Province, is a postcard-pretty village with a population of 510, with ochre adobe houses.

Mate refers to both the beverage, a strong, herbal tea, which is generally unsweetened, and to the vessel you drink it on. It is a social beverage, passed around to friends, family and colleagues. The grandeur of Iguazu Falls. Located on the Argentine-Brazil border, Iguazu is one of the most awe inspiring places I have visited on the planet. Located in a tropical rainforest, it is teeming with unique plants and animals.


Employee Spotlight
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