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Serving young children, ages 3-5, residing in Van Wert County.
The Edison Early Childhood educational program is for young children, ages 3-5. Each classroom is run by a certified teacher and paraprofessional who plan the environment and provide individualized activities for each child to develop socially, emotionally, physically and mentally in a child-friendly environment. Our programs are also a support system for the child and family. We encourage parents to be involved in their child’s preschool experience through participation in and out of the program.
 Our program’s first priority is to serve children ages 3-5 experiencing identified delays in any of the areas of:
·          communication
·          large/small motor development
·          social/behavioral development
·          cognitive skills
·          vision
·          hearing
·          self-help
 The Edison Early Childhood educational program also serves young children, ages 3-5, who are developing as would be expected for their age. In these integrated settings, all the children receive a quality preschool education that fits their needs and abilities.
 The Edison preschool programs provide both center-based and itinerant early childhood educational programs for young children.
 Center-based preschool programs operate Monday though Friday, providing full-day sessions for young children. Days of attendance are based on individual needs. Preschool programs are provided free of charge to young children identified with a disability and for a small fee to all other young children.
 Itinerant, individualized, educational programming is tailored to meet a young child’s identified needs. The itinerant preschool program is provided by a certified teacher approximately one hour per school week. The itinerant teacher can meet with the child in a variety of settings as determined by the educational team of which the parents are a part. Itinerant preschool services are provided in a community-based preschool-daycare setting, Head Start, or in the home.
 For those children identified as needing such services, Edison preschool programs also provide speech, occupational and/or physical therapy. All therapies are provided by certified or licensed professionals. Therapies are provided in the child’s natural environment, which included the preschool or home setting, if possible.
 Developmental screenings are available through the collaborative efforts of the preschool program office, to children ages 3-5.
Preschool assessments are provided through the Edison preschool program office to any young child, ages 3-5. These assessments are provided on a group or individual basis to young children suspected of having a delay.
Assessments will assist the educational team in deciding whether or not a young child qualifies for preschool special education services and with the development of an Individualized Education Plan.
Transition services are provided to all young children attending the Edison preschool program prior to the child’s entrance into kindergarten or other school-age programs. Preschool staff work individually with the child and family to develop a transition plan and prepare the child, family and receiving program for this important move.
The Edison Early Childhood Center preschool program operates Monday through Friday per yearly Governing Board adopted calendar.
All preschool services are coordinated through the preschool program office which is located at:
813 N. Franklin St., Van Wert, OH, 45891
Phone: 419-238-1514, ext. 226
Fax: 419-238-3565

 To learn more about Van Wert County Early Childhood Education programs and services, or to register your child for our preschool program, please contact:

Early Childhood Center:
Jill Welch, Principal
PHONE: 419-238-1514
Ext. 226

Thomas Edison Early Childhood Center



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The classrooms are in session Monday – Friday.  An integrated typical program is available at this preschool site.<o:p></o:p>

Contact Information:  Jill Welch


                                    813 N. Franklin St

                                    Van Wert, Ohio 45891